CD Baby Conference Chicago

While in Chicago, Running Red Lights had the unexpected but rewarding experience to work with Live Music Production, Tom Jackson. I'm going to quote what singer Scarlett wrote (because it's so good I had to steal it)

PLEASE be sure to check out Tom's sponsorship program


"Running Red Lights returns from Chicago, upon attending the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference, with a renewed exuberance and immeasurably impressionable experiences.  One of these experiences was the spontaneous and unique opportunity to participate in the LIVE BAND MAKEOVER panel, presented by the renowned and notorious, Live Music Production Guru, Tom Jackson.

'Tom Jackson has worked with hundreds of artists in nearly every genre, including major artists such as Taylor Swift, Magic, Jars of Clay and The Band Perry.' He helps artists to realize their full performance potential.

The results of our experience were wondrous and he elevated our performance to a world-class match for any major touring artist. The 500 plus attendees were astonished by the transformation and many were left with shivers by the end of the demonstration. We are so very very grateful to CD Baby and Tom Jackson for this incredible circumstance that seemingly and almost quite literally befell upon us from the skies.  

Tom Jackson is also a passionate activist and advocate for the poorest of the poor. Tom Jackson Productions has developed a tour sponsorship program called LIVE MUSIC GIVES ( Please visit the website for more information on this incredible opportunity to pay it forward. For additional information on Tom Jackson please visit his website at"