Nashville - A Trip To Music City

I just got back from Nashville - it was full of heat and southern hospitality. The weather was hot and the chicken was even hotter. The uber drivers were some of the most friendly (and humorous) drivers I've ever met. Me and my band Running Red Lights were down attending some meetings and participating in the 2018 CdBaby Music Conference. Some notable seminars that I'm glad I checked out. I learned that it was the bridal party capital (which was quite evident) and also learned that I have to definitely step up my guitar chops. 🎸🎸🎸



Open Tuning Festival 2018

open tuning fest.jpg


I'm glad to be a part of the 5th annual Open Tuning Fest. I will be taking the stage with my very talented student Nicolas. We have a special set planned out and look forward to sharing it with all the attendees and passers-by. Nicolas will be debuting a few of his own original songs.

This festival in particular has provided a very good opportunity for many of my students to play their first live shows. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this free festival - I am very appreciative of your efforts to being music to this community. 

Open Tuning Fest

Our set is at 3pm at Venue 16 2 Follis "Folking Right". See you there!

Human Kindness Project

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I'm glad to have been asked to contribute to the Human Kindness Project. I know from my own experience that a series of small random acts of kindness can have a cumulative effect which adds up to a big result. Every little thing counts. Often times in our busy day to day lives we don't bother with small acts of kindness because we don't believe they are "significant" enough to have an effect. Smile at someone. Share something. Hold open a door. Listen. 

Human Kindness Project

Sarah Hiltz - Beauty In The Blue


My dear friend and musical sister is releasing a new collection of songs under the name of “Beauty In The Blue”. This collection of songs orbit around the themes of beauty, unity and hope. Each song is a bright star within a constellation that represents the search for beauty in tragedy, loss, despair, risk, and tough decisions. 

I was very honoured when I was asked to be involved in the recording process. It was such an enjoyable process and took almost as long as a Steely Dan record. But I'm quite glad it lasted the year that it did!! Amazing work by everyone involved in bringing these songs to life (@kevinhowley@jordanpm416 , @mistacarta1980@joshgbowman@srhiltz et al) and thank you Sarah for your brilliant talent, leadership, organizational skills, and tour de force awesomeness!!

The album release will take place tomorrow at the Burdock. Doors at 8:30pm Show at 9pm. 

Running Red Lights - October Cameron House Residency

The Cameron House Residency has been an amazing experience so far. It's been the testing ground for my new Vox MV50 "compact" NuTube head. This amp doesn't weigh much more than 2 Big Mac's and puts out 50 watts (@ 4 ohms). I've went straight into the mixing board with this thing (no speaker cabinet on the stage) and had people coming up to me after asking me where my guitar amp was! I do plan on using a 1x12 cabinet in the future because I miss my guitar being able to move air on stage. 

Running Red Lights plays every Wednesday till the end of October...starting around 10pm.



Photo courtesy of Stratasfear Productions

Photo courtesy of Stratasfear Productions